Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Game 12 - Reverse Rhythm Shooter

It's mini ludum dare 57 and the theme is 'reversed'.

I've been playing a lot of Osu! recently so rhythm games were at the forefront of my mind.

What I've created do far is a target shooting game which, when the music finishes, becomes a rhythm game in reverse. (actually the first bit is the reversed bit but whatever).

The beats which come up are exactly the same as the shots you made but in the opposite order (with timing still intact).

Anyways, so far the game has been more of a challenge to make in terms of programming than design. To be honest, other than the novelty of the idea, I don't feel like the game is particularly strong design wise yet.

There's nothing really compelling about the gameplay but I DO have a few ideas on how to improve that (and I don't mean just juicing it up).

The next thing I'm going to do is increase the number of targets to hit in 'reverse' mode. At the moment it's too easy to hit every one and that makes it seem too much like the rhythm part. The benefits of this are:
- More decisions and strategy in the 'shooter' bit
- More variety in the rhythm part due to the different ways that people will tackle the first part

One good design thing about the game so far actually is the way that the difficulty of the rhythm part is directly related to the players skill in the shooting part. I.e, the second part should always be challenging if the player did their best in the first part. BUT only if the first part has no skill cap (which is another reason for the change in the previous paragraph).

By the way, I also have some older versions of the game.

Versions 1, 2, and 3 are kind of like 'make your own Osu! map in reverse'.

Version 4 is a variation on the shooting (The music is placeholder (The song is by Disasterpiece btw))

Version 5 is basically version 6 (so I didn't include it)

Version 6 is what I described at the start of the post (slightly updated since those screenshots)


Game 11 - Jet-pack Cowboy + HTML

It's been a very long time since the last update. University work has been at the front of my mind recently so I've had less time to work on games.

Just a quick update on the new day/night cycle in Cowboy Shootout Jet-pack Cowboy.

The day/night cycle has only been implemented in the 2 player version thus far but I think it looks pretty nice. I also added shadows.

I bought the HTML5 expert module a little while ago too before GM:S announced that they'd been bought by Playtech. Turns out that building for the web has a loads of extra things you have to consider when programming or your game will run like shit.

Anyways, now that I can techinicaly make browser games I have a much wider potential audience using websites like Newgrounds and Kongregate as hosts.

LINK to newest version

PS. I didn't make the spaceships yet
PPS. I don't remember if I made sandstorms yet
PPPS. Still in development?