Tuesday, 1 September 2015

16 - Land Control 2

Land Control 2
With a water theme

The problem with the original land control is that the 8 way movement and 1 speed restricted the kind of jumps the player could make.

With land control 2 I'm looking to refine the movement.

It's first game I've ever tried implementing gamepad support for and it works pretty well apart from being too responsive currently.

I'm playing with the idea of pipes and more ways of changing the land/water (ice and steam?).

I've been playing Alec Holowka and Derek Yu's 'Aquaria' recently to get a feel for how they handle the movement.

Nevertheless, I'd like to work on this some more once I get time to do so.

15 - DashDancer

There are a few different development stages for this game but I'll only go over the most recent.
(The enemy is broken in this version)

I've been playing a lot of 'Super Smash Brothers Melee' recently and there is an advanced tactic called 'dash-dancing' (and wave-dashing) where the goal is to move in and out of your opponents attack range (whilst they are doing the same thing) in order to bate an attack that you can counter.

DashDancer is a game exploring dash dancing as a central game mechanic (rather than a secondary one). The game currently also has fast-falling, edge-grabbing, jumping and crouching too. They are in the game more as an experimental thing for me to decide what works well.

Thematically I like the idea of every character dancing their own styles in a world of dance. With dash-dancing being the style of the player character. Or maybe Ice skating.

You can download the game
(Includes v3 which has a more interesting level layout (no fastfall) )

left & right - dash
Z - jump
Q - switch between constant movement and dash only movement
down - crouch
down in the air - fastfall

14 - Zombie Rocket

 Zombie Rocket was my entry to Ludum Dare 32, the 48 hour game Jam.
I started a little late so I made this game in 2 and a half hours.

The theme was 'An Unconventional Weapon'.

The game requires you to defend yourself from oncoming zombies using your 2 remote controlled rockets. You control one with 'A' and 'D' and the other with 'left' and 'right'. They feel similar to the 'nikita' missile from MGS2 due to their slow speed when turning.

I'm proud of the visuals/ mood that I achieved in the short time.

I included optional colour variations too to try and bump my score up a bit more.

The game isn't great, it's fairly basic with no variation in gameplay. The thrill comes mostly in the form of vertigo; panic whilst trying to control both rockets at once.

Overall, a decent LD entry. Better than 'microsystem'.

Here's the download link