Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Harry Lee and Stuff

I was worrying about whether my Games Art and Design course was actually going to teach DESIGN like I usually do. I started looking through some of the blogs of previous students and I found a very interesting and relevant link through Simon Balciunas' Blog about a designer called Harry Lee.
Article about Harry Lee

I'd heard of Sneaky Cards before but it'd never crossed my mind that somebody actually designed them. I suppose I always assumed they were anonymous but after reading through this article I feel an overwhelming connection to this designer, Harry Lee.
Making weekly games is beneficial in so many ways but it does incentivise not really thinking through what you're actually making. It's benefits lie in knowledge about software, playability and design but not so much 'games as art', which is the reason I wanted to make games in the first place. I think I'd forgotten that a little bit but Harry Lee has reminded me how beautiful games can be and should be. He reminds me very much of myself =]

This article is also very interesting to me currently on the basis that 'Sneaky Cards' is a card game. I was thinking about interesting ways to use cards and 'Sneaky Cards' is a prime example of how to use them in this way.
Another example that springs to mind is Cards Against Humanity. Another independently designed card game which uses a card game differently (although not to the extent nor the same merits of Sneaky Cards).
Others could include:
- Cheat
- One Night Ultimate Werewolf
- 52 Card Pickup
- Building a house of Cards
all of which use the cards in a non-traditional way or explore interesting social interactions.

It's worth focusing my attention towards more traditional card games also (for context at least) such as:
- Solitare
- Magic: The Gathering
- Poker
- Card City Nights - by Ludosity (a fantastic team of developers)

Given how much play-testing card games generally require it's fairly likely that this 'weekly game' might take 2 weeks. I may also change the 'Greed' theme of the game.

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