Thursday, 7 August 2014

Game 04 - Gravity Game: I'm Like Turtles

I've worked on this game every day in small chunks. Today I attempted to implement some real time lighting but I couldn't get it to work. Then I realized that it wasn't really necessary so I just implemented some fake lighting instead. I've got a kind of neon club aesthetic at the moment which is why lighting is important.
It's also why music is important which is why I need to get some music.

I have different walls light up depending on the direction of gravity the player is experiencing. I'd like to vary the music slightly too but currently this is not an option. Acapella Club Music?
The rate at which you change gravity directions may be too high anyway (unless I change the way I'm currently designing levels).

 I've redone a load of art and animated some stuff too.

There is currently a big problem with the game. The longer you go without switching gravity direction, the lower the frame rate... This obviously wasn't programmed in and I'm currently not sure of the cause (although I do have an idea of what the problem might be). Nevertheless, enjoy.

PS. If you get an error that means you've won! I haven't implemented any other rooms yet so it just gets stuck when it tries to move you on to the next one currently.

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