Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Game 07 - Kings Game

Today I rapid Jammed an idea I had.
 Initially I made the game because I wanted to play with making an Ai.
  Quickly, the idea became a spin on the stalemate end section of a chess game where both players are down to just their kings.
    I thought that giving the option of moving 2 spaces at a time might turn this stalemate into an interesting game; simple enough to quickly develop an Ai for.
In hindsight I was ignorant.
Nevertheless, the game was still worth making; not only because it took under an hour from idea to completion but because I'm sure it's gotten me back into that gamedev mindset I lust so much.

And it's another game to add to the list. I think it's good to have some failed projects as it shows that I've been experimenting. I do believe however that with enough work, this game could still be interesting.

It actually plays very smoothly and has absolutely no bugs that I know of, so I suppose that's an achievement for 1 hours work.
Also, I didn't make the Ai in the end. It's 2 player instead.

White - Arrow Keys
Black - WASD

Double tap to move twice. You can move around corners like this too. Eg, right, up (both in the same move).
After making a game as complicated to understand as Rising Deep (I think I may be the only person in the world who actually knows what they're doing in the game), It's been nice working on something so simple. I'd like to do that for my next game too. Something you can just pick up and play.

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