Thursday, 23 October 2014

Game 09 - Instrument

I keep saying that I want to make an instrument. What I mean is that I want to create an abstract game controlled through improvisational music. 

This is what I've made so far. I've spent less than an hour on it. 

You can make noises with the ASDF keys (the KL keys do the same as DF) and the shapes react. So far all they do is grow slightly larger, then shrink back down to their original size. 
I plan to add more shapes and sounds as well as a scoring mechanism which rewards good sounding music, based off timing and complimentary sounds etc.

Also, I'd like to make a really pretty game this time. Previously I've hardly focused on the graphics (although I did spend a fair amount of time on Rising Deep's aesthetic). This time I'd like particle effects, screen shake, and all that juicy stuff.

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