Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Game 00 - Beneath The Skin

My Ludum Dare 29 entry; my first ever (finished) game

This game doesn't actually have it's own post so I thought I'd give it one.

The theme was 'Beneath the Surface'.

Since my bi-maxillary ostectomy operation (under-bite operation) was coming up I wanted to play with my anxieties 'under the surface' of what my face might look like after the operation as well as the physical act of seeing under the surface of my skin. The game isn't particularly well programmed as it was my first game (a lot of it is drag 'n' drop') but I learnt a HUGE amount from the process and it's what started me really making games. 

The player has the option to remove facial features, rotate, rescale and replace them with various other objects in order to 'play the surgeon'. The game was partially inspired by 'Dead Baby Dress Up' by Edmund Mcmillen and by the surgeon from 'Bioshock'.  

The soundtrack is a recording of me playing a song I wrote on the piano. It gives the game a spooky, yet sad and melancholic feel.

'Beneath the Skin' is probably my most personal game to date and is certainly one of my favorites. I'd like to work more in this direction for my next game (most recent game being 'Too Many Windows').

If you'd like to play 'Beneath the Skin' you can download it HERE

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