Friday, 26 June 2015

Game 13 - Cardball

Conceived as an ios/ android game, Cardball is a game I literally dreamed up. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by catapulting a ball across the card faces. You are not punished for missing but the more cards the ball skims over, the greater the score bonus when it lands in a hole. The skimmed over cards are highlighted in blue until the ball disappears.

Therefor, the aim of the game is to dodge as many holes as possible before scoring, for maximum points. Upon scoring, the card is destroyed to create a gap.

The player has the choice of moving cards around the board freely but tapping on one, raising it, and tapping in another spot to swap it with whatever is in the space, whether it be full or not. This allows the player to set up high-scoring shots. Also the ball can bounce off of raised cards.

Download the game HERE

left click - Swap Cards
right click and drag - aim and shoot the ball (from anywhere on the board)
R/ Control/ Shift - bring up menu

on ios/android this would be tap and drag but I coded it slightly differently for the prototype.

Also, the different card colours don't mean anything. It was just for debugging during development.

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