Saturday, 19 July 2014

02 - Land Control Game 0.3

Land Control Game 0.3 - Link

I've made quite a few changes in this update:
- New Character sprites (also, they control a bit differently)
- Charge Bar (to limit when you can and cannot attack)
- Some sounds (finally)
- New weapons:
    - Normal Shot (1 charge block) - changes a single opposing wall into your own color
    - Laser Beam (8 charge blocks) - destroys all opposing walls in its path
    - Wall Bomb (5 charge blocks) - supposed to place 16 walls around the player but doesn't work yet

    - WASD - movement
    - left shift - normal shot
    - left control - laser beam
    - left alt - wall bomb

    - IJKL - movement
    - right shift - normal shot
    - return - laser beam

    - R - reset players and walls
    - esc - Quit the game

I want to add some kind of acceleration back into the players movement code up to a certain speed. This is because it's currently impossible to simply drop off the edge of a wall. You always go at full speed and it feels kind of clunky and gives the player less control of the characters (which often leads to frustration).

Known Bugs (other than the wall fall thing not working properly):
- walls rapidly switch between stuck and unstuck when next other rapidly switching walls (I think I know why but I haven't found a working solution yet).
- when both characters try to shoot at the same time it can cause one of them to not work (Might be fixable by simply changing the control scheme. Something to do with both shoot buttons being different shift keys?)
- Wall bomb doesn't work. Something to do with it not wanting to be in the same place as other walls I think.

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