Friday, 18 July 2014


These are basically images of the visual representation of my initial ideas. I just scribbled them all down as fast as I could.
I decided to go with the Player vs Player idea.
Land connectors were quickly replaced with sticky blocks because I wanted the player to be able to easily place them in the heat of the game and sticky blocks seemed simpler and easier to perform by the player.
 Super shots are now Laser Beams. This is to differentiate the two weapons (normal shot and laser beam)  since they both have very different underlying uses. The normal shot changes the color of an opposing colors wall into the shots color. The laser beam on the other actually destroys the walls meaning the only way to make land in that area is to make it fall from above or to place wall bombs.
 Early thoughts on how I was going to execute the falling walls idea.
The initial idea didn't work so from here on out I am trying to figure out a solution.

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