Saturday, 26 July 2014

Game 03 - Card Game: 2 card games

I have 2 ideas that I want to explore here. 

The first one is very simple.
 The Rules currently:
 It's a 'kids' game for at least 3 players where you are given 7 random shapes (less if there are more than 3 players)  cut from this template ->

 Each person then chooses a card with an object written on it and does NOT show it to anyone else.

Everyone then has 20 seconds to make their object using EXACTLY 3 of their 7 shapes.

After these 20 seconds are up everyone other than the person who made the object (starting with the person on the object makers left) takes ONE guess at what the object is. Whoever guesses correctly gets 1 point and the object maker gets 1 point for everyone who guesses their object correctly.

continue guessing objects for everyone in the group. Once everyone's object has been guessed and points have all been added together, everyone puts the shapes they used into the shape pile and the process continues for a previously decided number of rounds.

When all the rounds are over and all the points have been added up, the winner is the person with the most points.

The second card game is far less fleshed out.
So I'll work on it some more and make a post tomorrow or something.

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