Sunday, 27 July 2014

Game 03 - Card Game: A few revisions

I made the object cards, printed them out and tested the game with them.
I split the cards into Animal cards and Vehicle cards. The other players will know what type of card each player has. I realized that every object that might have ever existed was too large of a range of potential objects so this helps to limit the number a bit.
After testing I realized that a more convenient card layout would be this one:

Red could be Animal,
Blue = Vehicle
Green = Household object (eg. Lamp or Clock)
Yellow = Place?

Pictionary style


Went a little over the time limit on this first one.
The shapes were quite difficult.



 Aeroplane (Airplane)

I went way over the time limit with these shapes. Is the time limit too short? No time limit?

I've only really tested the game with myself so far but I have a few revisions to make already:

- The first thing to note is that you can see through the cards. I'll have to print on thicker card next time.

- The game is currently too based on randomness. It is still predominantly up to the cards and shapes to decide whether your object is obvious or not. Potential solutions:
    - 1. Limit the categories even more.
    - 2. Make sure (or have a high chance) that each player consistently has a varied selection of shapes. To do this I could:
        - 1. Give each player more than 7 shapes each.
        - 2. Design the shapes very carefully so that they have lots of uses.
        - 3. Have shape categories too. i.e. For the 'Animal' card there can 'Animal' shapes too which are generally more body, head, facial feature, limb shaped.
- Another smallish problem is that it is currently easy to cheat the shapes you get by feeling for which one you want. Solutions:
    - 1. Embrace this and always allow the players to chose which shapes they want but rotate the chooser after each shape is chosen to keep it fair still. May help with the randomness problem too.
    - 2. Rather than feeling the shapes, deal each player 7 cards which correlate to specific shapes.

There is a fine balance to made between giving the player enough variety to be creative and have a good chance of being successful but vague enough that different players with the same shapes and object would have different solutions.

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