Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Game 03 - Card Game: uh...

I actually think I've done as much I'd like on this game now.
I've made a few changes since last time, most notably the addition of answer cards which each player presents at the same time to each other player after everyone has made their objects (sort of like Dixit). This new approach should prevent people from unfairly influencing eachother too much and it should streamline the points process as a whole. Last time we were a bit unsure about who should guess first etc etc but hopefully this new method should fix that. The downside to this new method is that now everyone has 8 of their own answer cards as well as their 7 shapes and object card and I just worry that people will get mixed up and things'll get lost etc. I'll still be on the lookout for a simpler solution.

The answer cards look like this:
Each player has a set of these cards (cut out and each set is numbered on the back) and presents the card they think corresponds to the shape their opponent has made.
When printing, the answer cards should be half the size of the object cards.

I still need to test things and perhaps I'll still have more than I thought to do on this game so I'll jeep the blog updated.
Honestly I'd quite like to get back into Game Maker again.
I have a few projects I want to work on including a co-op gravity game similar to the recently released 'Ibb & Obb' and inspired by the anime 'Patema Inverted' and the side-scroller sections from the game 'Super Mario Galaxy'.
Another game I'd like to work on would be a Metal Slug style game with perhaps a bit of Cave Story.
I'll make that other card game at some point too.

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