Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Game 03 - Card Game: I'm extending the time limit

I tested the game today with some friends and the feedback was very good. I more or less confirmed the changes I thought I should make. The game is still quite difficult but this isn't too big of a problem; people need to do badly sometimes. The problem is whether a blunder will completely ruin a game for someone or not. The solution to this problem (if it does become problematic) will be within the scoring (which is easy to change).
I didn't really test the scoring today but I got the feeling that 3 people is right on the limit of enough/not enough people to keep the game fair and interesting (with this points system). Although we weren't scoring today, the game was still pretty enjoyable. So I reiterate; the feedback was very good.

Since testing today I've polished a few details. The cards now look like this:
Much more efficient use of space and paper

It'll be interesting to see whether the experimental green 'concepts?' work or not.

Actually I'll have to include a version without the colors for people with imbalanced ink ratios in their printer (or color-blindness). I worry that people will find it difficult to read the text (which is obviously very important). Unless I decide to use shape categories, the colors are just aesthetic.

Oh, I made another set of shapes too (another 21 shapes) because I wasn't sure how many people I was going to test my game with today.
I didn't use my graphics tablet to make these, unlike the previous shapes, but I quite like the wobbly outlines. It gives the shapes character and distinguishes them from the other set of shapes.

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