Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Game 05 - Sinking Ship Game: New controls again

So I spent all of today working on the new control scheme trying to make it as slick as possible. In the process I managed to cure ALL of the massive bugs my game had previously so I am very happy with today's  work =]

I'm not 100% sure I like the new controls yet, they take a little while to get used to and require switching between the mouse and keyboard but it is much quicker to get around (arguably worse) and feel generally very smooth and 3block characters can now step up onto other characters (which makes the game way easier so I've added a limit on ropes now too).


- Use 1,2, and 3 to switch between characters
- Move left and right with the arrow keys
- use Right+Up and Left+Up to step up to the right and left sides respectively (Engineer/Hacker can only step up 1 block whereas Swimmer/Spelunker and Gymnast/Climber can step up 2 blocks)
- Use the mouse to place and remove cables whilst using a computer with the Engineer.
- Use the mouse to select which side to make a rope (as the Swimmer.Spelunker)
- Use Z to 'Use'
- Use X to 'Drop' (down ropes) (and off the ceiling for the Climber)

Tomorrow I will consider adding back the option to click 'Use' and 'Drop' as an alternative to Z and X. I will also work on level 2 and a tutorial style level/section of a level. I will also do other stuff probably.

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