Monday, 18 August 2014

Game 05 - Sinking Ship Game: Ice see holes in my boat

But I know how to fix them.
I think I've FINALLY found the cause of the obscure glitch stopping the player from moving too the far left or top of the room. The solution is going to require a complete rewrite of the control scheme. Yay -_-.

I have a HUD and everything

Controls are the same as last time.

The girl/gymnast/climber now climb along ceilings (although not very useful on this level).

'Jump' is now 'Drop'. You can use 'Drop' to drop from the ceiling as 'The Gymnast' and to drop down ropes as any of the characters.

I've included a (currently very minimal) score room for each level and currently have just one completed level + the very start of a second level.

This 'first' level is entirely possible without a single character losing any oxygen and with using only 4 (maybe 5) ropes.

I'm very happy with the direction the game is going. It's honestly exactly as I envisioned it when I first came up with the idea (minus the bugs). I'm starting to consider audio now. I'm thinking something similar to the 'Gods Will be Watching' OST or perhaps some 'Harry-Gregson Williams'. Maybe something a bit more minimal though to reflect the artstyle...

PS. Due to this game being kinda ambitious and having missed a couple of days due to that wrist pain thing (and also because there's less than a week until Ludum Dare 30), I'll be working on this game through till Friday (and I may even continue with it after Ludum Dare if I think it still holds up).

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