Monday, 25 August 2014

Game 06 - Microsystem (LD30)

Here is a link to my Ludum Dare entry; Microsystem.

arrow keys - movement
R - restart
esc - exit

I was pretty busy this weekend and I only really had the final evening to work on the game. It's honestly not great but it was an interesting experiment nevertheless. All the organisms move around randomly and do different things under different conditions. The small purple creature is the player and the game system is much like a sandbox to explore and interact with stuff. There is no real goal but I was hoping that the player would get some enjoyment out of learning about the system and all the different conditions under which the organisms do different stuff. Similar to Starseed Pilgrim.

I think with more time and more polish the game could be interesting but it's not really an ecosystem at this point.I wanted everything to play off everything else in order to survive, so that changing something small would make a huge difference, like when they introduced rabbits to Australia and they had to kill them off again because they ate all the other animals food.

A big plus is that I learnt some very useful Gamemaker functions from this game.
I now know how to correctly use the 'floor' and 'random' functions.
This was also the first time I've been able to address a specific instance in one of my games rather than all of a type of object. Vary basic gamemaker logic that I should've learnt ages ago but never really had to until now.
Using this knowledge, my games should be better and faster to make from now on. From that angle, this game was very successful.

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