Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Game 05 - Sinking Ship Game: Still Sailing

Menu's, levels 'n bug fixes. Also, cables now work slightly differently (and a bunch of other stuff)

Although I haven't updated the blog in a little while I've been working on the game every day. I've been really pushing to "Actually finish a game". My previous projects have been arguably finished if not haphazardly but I think the reason I've been so reluctant to stop working on this project is because it's simply not finished yet. I want something I can put in a portfolio and show proudly to people (not that my other games are any less important).

This game's shaping up to be just that. I have 2 weeks until I move away and I am planning on getting the game finished in just 1 week. If time spills a little then spending another week is of no great expense, although I would like to spend that week preparing for the move and potentially working on another project if at all possible.

I smoothly like how the new cables feel. This new design fixes a couple of prior gameplay problems also. I've redesigned parts of Level 2 and it's honestly my favorite of the 3 levels (+2 tutorials) now. The 2 tutorials btw is because I still haven't decided which one I'd like to use yet (Skip the with 'P' if you like (or navigate the menu's)).

But yeah, I'm currently loving the game. I've found myself in so many interesting scenarios whilst trying out different strategies that I've really had to think through. It feels strangely satisfying to sacrifice a character to save the other two.

change character - '1','2','3'
move left and right - left and right keys
move up a step - up AND left/right (move up 2 blocks with 3 block high characters)
climb ropes - up 'n down 'n up 'n
'USE' - 'Z'
'DROP' - 'X'
'ROPE' - 'A' for left side, 'S' for right side, (or click the relative macro)
reset the level - 'R'
make the walls checkered - 'U' (easier to work out distances)
open the menu 'ESC'

One new thing I forgot to mention is the ability to 'staircase' with the Hacker. Stepping up whilst crouched allows him to climb zigzag like wall patterns (as shown on the right side of the above image). It gives him quite a unique way of moving past obstacles which the other characters cannot do.

Once I 'finish' the game I might consider making it again with more general systems to allow for more characters, procedural generation?, level editor? 
Just a full game really =] I'm expecting it to take about a year. 

Of course this is only IF I decide to work on it full time =P

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