Sunday, 14 September 2014

Game 05 - Sinking Ship Game: Tutorials, and Challenges

So I've spent around 14 hours on the tutorial so far and it's pretty much done (with a couple of things missing). Somehow I managed to forget to teach the player that they can carry characters with the climber -_- I've been looking for some way to slot it in without having to completely redesign the whole tutorial.

I've fixed a couple more bugs too.

I've also included a lovely .txt containing, controls, challenges and credits.

The challenges are just a way for me to add some replay value for the hardcore players. I really wanted to push players to want to try and perfect a level rather than just complete it. This way allows me to keep the game easy enough for the average player but challenging enough for the dedicated player.

Think of them like achievements but without the obtrusive popups.

I'd like to get some more music if possible for level 3 and for the credits room but I'm not too fussed. 

I'd consider the game 9/10ths done now. Am I falling into the classic 'my game is never finished' trap?

All I need to do now is:
- Teach the player that carrying other players with the climber is a thing (a very important thing).
- polish level 3 a little bit (I'm still not entirely happy with it yet)

Stuff I'd like to do but might not due to time and effort constrains etc etc..:
- make it so the whole character has to be in the safe room for it to count?
- fix the bug causing characters to snap back under the climber if they try to step out from under her whilst she's climbing and they are not on the ground?


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