Monday, 8 September 2014

Game 05 - Sinking Ship Game: Now with credits!

Many thanks to Skullbeatz for permission to use his track 'Press Pause Part 2' in the game.
Check out his Newgrounds profile here - LINK

Since the last update I've added:
- UNDO - with the 'O' key (you can currently only undo movement of characters, not cables or water) and only once too (It's tough to program okay).

- Credits - still a little unfinished. Get there via completion of level 3.

- Settings still does nothing. Maybe I'll switch it to 'credits'.

- bug fixes.
    eg. stopped flashing 'drop' macro.
    eg. doesn't charge you time for trying to step into an occupied place.

- other stuff probably

I might have to go and buy Gamemaker: Studio Professional + html5 export so I can embed this game in webpages and stuff.
Money is expensive

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