Thursday, 17 July 2014

02 - Land Control Game 0.2

Link to 0.2
I spent a whole day making version 0.1 into a buggy mess so I've reloaded a previous version of the game and now I have a working version of the game (even if it still does not play exactly how it was intended). This version probably doesn't look like a big big change but it will change game-play A LOT (especially when it works how I want).
I've been thinking very hard about how to make a group of blocks which aren't connected to a sticky block on any vertices to fall like the blocks do currently when they're not connected to anything.
So far I am unsuccessful.

I've changed how the characters play a little bit but I honestly haven't spent that much time perfecting their movement. They still control quite jerkily and it's too easy to throw yourself off the edge at the moment.

The falling blocks problem is my priority at the moment because it's the mechanic that all the other secondary mechanics rely on to work so I cannot make any progress until this is fixed.

I could technically release this version of the game now and it would actually be quite fun. This is a very good sign so despite the lack of programming skills I am rather hopeful.

I think a change of genre is important to keep me creative and enthusiastic so I'll probably give this game a break next Tuesday but I'll probably come back to it at some point because I think it has a lot of promise.

cya tomorrow probably. I still need to upload my sketchbook scans.

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