Saturday, 16 August 2014

Game 05 - Sinking Ship Game

I did almost no work on the game yesterday due to my wrist pain. It actually hurts in the elbow too. I think it may actually have something to do with the time I smacked my funny-bone really hard into a chair.

Done some work today though =]

LINK to Version 0.4

Since adding the ropes, the game has actually become playable (although still very buggy). That's a nice milestone.

I recommend watching (if not one then both of) these clips to get an idea of what stuff is and does in the game.

These videos are super low quality. The game itself looks much nicer =]

 Some things are still quite inconsistent:
eg. only the engineer can step up onto another character. The other two can only step sideways onto another character.
eg2. only the engineer can go up steps while crouched.

These are both annoying inconsistencies which, just for the sake of player understanding are worth solving. It's quite difficult to program for the 3block characters though because there are a lot more variables to consider with various wall heights etc...

You can see in the clips how climbing ropes works in the game and how multiple routes and solutions are available to the player.

PS. The level has evolved in 0.4 from these clips
PPS. Soon I will add a limit on ropes (or maybe a total rope length?) and give the characters oxygen + oxygen bars.
PPPS. There are a bunch more (some more efficient) ways of solving the puzzle shown (try and find them).

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